Detect Biological Traces

The BioTracer is an innovative tool for cleaning inspection that can be used by anyone. It is easy to handle, intuitive to use and works in daylight.

The unqiue and powerful BioTracer will show where biological traces are and which makes it an ideal tool for auditing cleaning, create a safe and healthy environment and for educational purposes.

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From fighting crime to saving lives!

Originally developed for law enforcement.

Originally designed for crime scene investigation, the BioTracer has been improved and adapted for use in the healthcare and facility management industries to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and infection control.

Detecting hotspots and biological traces is crucial for attaining the highest levels of cleanliness in hospitals, clinics, schools, sports facilities, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, and other areas to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms. The BioTracer is easy to use, allowing facility managers and cleaning personnel to quickly detect hidden contamination.


The BioTracer enables anyone to easily identify and visualize the extent of contamination on surfaces that they are cleaning and provides full discretion as only staff with BioTracer goggles can see the effect.


Its simple, intuitive controls and lightweight and portable design make it easy for anyone to quickly and effectively check for contamination. Just take the goggles on and you are ready to go.


Ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, and other public spaces, the BioTracer helps to reduce the spread of infection and keep visitor, staff and patients safe.


The BioTracer is a cost-effective solution for surface inspection, as it requires no additional consumables, making it a sustainable and affordable choice for cleaning inspection.

Safer and more hygienic environment!

The best tool for contamination detection

BioTracer, the revolutionary tool that has taken surface cleaning and auditing to the next level. With its powerful light, the BioTracer allows any facility manager to identify contamination on surfaces, making it an invaluable tool cleaning process improvement and auditing.

With the BioTracer’s absolute discretion, only authorized staff wearing the special goggles will see the results, making it a discreet and effective solution for all your cleaning and auditing needs.


Pioneering Light Technology

A leap into the future

The Biotracer is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes a range of filters, optics, and LEDs to produce a powerful and safe light source for detecting organic matter.

Unlike traditional blue light sources, the Biotracer’s innovative design and stackable filters allow for greater precision and flexibility in detecting organic material such as saliva, urine, nasal mucus, sweat, and other bodily fluids and organic material.

Better than traditional blacklight

Compared to traditional UVA lights, the Biotracer’s narrow wavelength and advanced LED technology make it a safer and more reliable option. With the BioTracer, you can trust that you are using the latest in advanced technology for your cleaning detection needs.

Experience the power and safety of the BioTracer and revolutionize the way you approach cleaning, control and facility management.

Working with BioTracer is Easy!

The BioTracer is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that enables fast and effective detection of organic material in facilities.

Its user-friendly interface and lightweight design make it easy to handle and operate, even for those with limited experience. With the BioTracer, users can quickly locate and remove potential sources of contamination, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment for employees and visitors alike.

Its versatility and portability also make it ideal for use in a variety of settings, from hospitals and schools to food processing plants and more.