About us

The Biohazard Light Source is part of the powerful ForensicFlare Light series designed, produced, and manufactured by LED On Technology ApS based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

At LED On Technologies, we are experts in developing and producing new and unique solutions based on the latest innovative technology in the light/forensic industry.  

For more than 20 years our team of specialists and experts has worked within the industry and has been producing innovative and high-quality products for forensic, law enforcement, health- and military industries.

As experts in the industry, we have cooperated, designed, and manufactured products based on OEM agreements for several large industry-leading companies. The most well-known forensic light designed and manufactured by us is the Polilight Flare +2.

Product designed, developed, and produced by us has been in use globally since 2003 by law enforcement, forensics, and coroners with an incredibly high level of satisfaction due to the quality and features of our products.

We do not compromise on the quality of the material or components we use, which is why they are can accompany professionals on their travels through rough and harsh terrain.